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Professional Riding Area Owners

For landowners who allow riding on their property to people who pay a fee to get in – we will refer to these areas as “Professional Riding Area’s”, or “PRA”. In a PRA, the law is even more stringent as to what injuries can lead to the landowner being found responsible for an injury that occurs on the land.

When it comes to a Professional Riding Area, because the law is more strict it is even more important to make sure you are in compliance with the law, and are doing everything in your power to limit the amount of exposure you have to being sued if a rider gets hurt on your land.

Because these types of riding areas are more complicated, our office works directly with PRA’s to provide a tailored approach to limiting liability exposure.

We offer service in different levels:

  • Level 1 – Most basic for lower budget: Our dirtbike lawyer will consult with the landowner over the phone, or in office, to go over the type of facility attractions, and explain potential areas of risk associated with specific types of hazards, and help the owner to develop a strategy to reduce their exposure to suit. Included is a basic waiver that the landowner can use to limit exposure as well as some general tips to reduce risk.

  • Level 2 – Mid level for slightly higher budget – Same process as level 1, but with a custom tailored release and specific advice to reduce risk.

  • Level 3 – highest level for most security – Attorney will personally come to property to tour with owner, identify areas of risk, and provide specific examples of what to do to eliminate or reduce the risk of being sued for injury on the property. Additionally a custom, tailor-made release will be developed and supplied. Cost varies based on distance lawyer must travel, and for the size of the area that will be toured with landowner.