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Dirt Bike & Off-Road Vehicle Accident
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Matt Jett

Personal Injury Attorney

I've spent my entire legal career focusing on personal injury law. I strive to provide all of my clients with the highest level of legal counsel and representation so they have the opportunity to seek justice for their injuries. As a dirt biker and an avid user of off-road vehicles, I've witnessed first hand how devastating these accidents can be. My goal is to use my unique knowledge and insights to provide victims across the St. Louis area with the legal support they need to get back on the road toward recovery. If you or someone you know has been injured in a dirt bike or off-road accident, reach out to my office today for help.

Your Dirt Bike Accident Specialist

Anyone who has ridden a dirt bike or any other off-road vehicle knows how dangerous they can be. As someone who has spent years riding various off-road vehicles, I understand how meticulous one has to be to ensure they are abiding by every safety measure when riding. With such a high risk for danger, it's important that riders have a resource for justice when they've been victimized by the negligent actions of another driver or rider.

That's why I decided to focus on dirt bike and off-road vehicle liability claims. I knew I could use my unique insight to help others get through the difficult process of recovery. With an extensive background in personal injury law and a tireless work ethic, I believe I serve as a valuable and reliable source for accident victims across the St. Louis Area. Regardless of the circumstances that may have led to your accident, you deserve an advocate in your corner.

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At the end of the day, you deserve to have an experienced personal injury attorney advocating for your needs. My mission is to provide exceptional legal representation to those who suffer off-road injuries, while maintaining the integrity of the sport and encouraging participation through educating riders on safe practices.

I also want to support private landowners and professional riding park areas that allow riding on their property with legal guidance to reduce or eliminate lawsuits against those who are providing riders with areas to enjoy the sport in a safe and responsible manner.

Being known as the "Dirt Bike Lawyer" is a title I wear proudly because I want to promote responsible riding and encourage safe off-road powersport participation. The beauty of my profession is that I am able to combine what I do professionally as an injury lawyer with my passion – off-road riding.

So If you've been the victim of a serious dirt bike or off-road vehicle accident, reach out to my office today to schedule a consultation. I understand the challenges you're facing, and I will do all that I can to help you pursue compensation that can cover your treatment and help you get back to doing what you love.